Usual Injuries after a Car Accident

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In 2019, nearly 3 million people were injured in car accidents. Wounds stemming from traffic accidents and car collisions are different based on the conditions surrounding each incident. However, certain injuries are more common than others. One must always receive proper injury treatment in Round Rock, TX after a car accident.

Whatever damage your vehicle sustains, whether it’s only a dent or a totaled vehicle, the primary consideration is the people inside the vehicle. Medical treatment must come before anything else. You can replace your car, but you have to live in your body your whole life. One important consideration is how long it will take for the symptoms to manifest. Symptoms may take a few days, even weeks, and possibly months to show up . Take heed of the doctor’s advice and give that priority over what the mechanic recommends.

Types of Injuries

Most injuries brought about by fender benders fall into two classifications: (1) impact wounds, and (2) penetrating wounds. The first type is ordinarily caused when an individual’s body hits a part of the vehicle’s interior. Examples would be when a knee hits the glove compartment or when the head bangs against the window, headrest, or dashboard. The second type involves cuts and scratches brought about by broken glass or projectile-like items flying inside the vehicle.

The level of seriousness of the injury sustained by the driver or the passengers may vary from mild to severe. In that case, the length of time it will take for a full recovery will differ as well. It’s always best to get evaluated and treated by a doctor at Superior Physical Medicine in Round Rock, TX; right away in case you’re experiencing pain or discomfort. But even if you don’t feel pain, get yourself checked by a medical professional just to be sure. Things that will be surely looked into are soft tissue injuries, head injuries, and internal injuries. If you’re feeling knee and joint pain, make sure to get proper treatment in Round Rock, TX as you may have sustained some form of trauma to your knee.  

• Soft Tissue Injuries

The treatments an accident victim may have to undergo are usually meant for bruises and whiplash. A bruise is self-explanatory. As for the latter, that’s when you are twisted and bent in a way you’re not supposed to because of the amount of force applied to the body. 

• Neck and Back Injuries
This type of injury may take time to mend. It will involve some form of therapy before the person becomes whole again. Surgery may even be required if the condition is serious enough.

• Head Concussion and Brain Injury

The first happens when you hit your head on a part inside the car and may result in headaches and experiencing problems with your memory. If you sustain a concussion, prompt treatment is crucial. A brain injury can have life-changing effects.

• Broken Bones and Internal Bleeding

Injuries to your skeletal structure and internal organs are the worst for the survivors of a car accident. The rest and recovery period for them can take at least a month or maybe even more, depending on how serious the victim’s condition is.

An Important Reminder
Buckle up. While it’s not perfect in protecting you and those with you in a car accident, do it anyway. This tried-and-tested vehicle safety device may prevent worse damage from happening to you,or even death. Should some form of road mishap take place, keep in mind that you can have injury treatment in Round Rock, TX. Get in touch with Superior Physical Medicine. Check them out at

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