Our Reviews for Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment and More in Round Rock, TX

Damaged peripheral nerves can cause weakness as well as numbness and pain in the hands and feet, often making movement difficult. It doesn’t stop there, and can also affect other areas in your body. With effective peripheral neuropathy treatment in Round Rock, TX from Superior Physical Medicine, you can regain your health and go back to doing the things you love. 

Since every peripheral nerve has a specific function, it is important to determine what type of nerves are affected and what caused the damage. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by a number of things, including traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, diabetes, infections, and exposure to toxins. So make sure to get yourself checked properly so you can get the right neuropathy treatment. 

Superior Physical Medicine provides varied types of treatments and we have often succeeded where others have failed. If you want proof of our effective methods, simply read what our previous clients have to say below.

Dr. Cunningham changed my life. I had a back injury years ago, and after the birth of my son the pain was unbearable. I was ready for surgery but I thought I would try one last time to fix it . I went to Dr. Cunningham and stuck with it. Literally within weeks I felt huge relief to the point months later of being pain free . Thanks to Dr. Cunningham and his wonderful staff I now live a happy normal life. I couldn’t have made it here without his care . I’m forever grateful. MIss all of you .

Julie Norton Layton

Great Dr and wonderful staff! Dr. Cunningham is working miracles on my body and I appreciate him and his office staff! 🙂

Corina Kay Smalley Whitus

Superior Physical Medicine is amazing! They have been taking good care of me. I wont.go.to any other place

Anna Flores

I have been coming here for about 4 weeks now & they have done wonders for my back, spine & other ailments! The Doctor is wonderful & the staff are all super! I have more improvement here than going to pain management! I would reccomend anyone to come here if you are trying to get off of pain meds especially!

Norma Durant

I really like coming here. I receive very good care. They make a point to ask how I’m doing every time I come. I appreciate how they pay attention to helping me get better vs using medications. Thank you!

Marbella Armstrong

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