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Damaged peripheral nerves can cause weakness as well as numbness and pain in the hands and feet, often making movement difficult. It doesn’t stop there, and can also affect other areas in your body. With effective peripheral neuropathy treatment in Round Rock, TX from Superior Physical Medicine, you can regain your health and go back to doing the things you love. 

Since every peripheral nerve has a specific function, it is important to determine what type of nerves are affected and what caused the damage. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by a number of things, including traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, diabetes, infections, and exposure to toxins. So make sure to get yourself checked properly so you can get the right neuropathy treatment. 

Superior Physical Medicine provides varied types of treatments and we have often succeeded where others have failed. If you want proof of our effective methods, simply read what our previous clients have to say below.

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Need help with my hands and feet numbness and tinlging have tried all kinds of stuff and no luck

Mason Marshall mohle

I have to have neuropathy due to diabetes in my feet I have all the symptoms

Ronald Nooner

Very professional and caring clinic, for any spine or joint issues this the place that would look after you and for sure relief you from pain

Mazen Rahhal

I highly recommend Dr. Bryce Cunningham. I had an injury in July 2016 from playing tennis with my daughter. I immediately felt pain in my right shoulder. After 8 months of thinking the pain would subside, I decided to have an MRI in March 2017. The MRI indicated that I had a superior labral tear. I met with the orthopedic surgeon and he recommended surgery which is the only option for treating this. I did not want to have surgery during the summer, as I very busy with work (REALTOR) & had vacations planned. Their was no real great time to do the surgery, however my least busiest work time is during December, therefore I scheduled for the surgery for November 27, then at the last minute I cancelled my surgery due to the fact that it was going to be a 6-9 week recovery followed by at least 6 weeks of physical therapy. I could not imagine being out for that long during the holidays. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so figured I could just live with the pain. That following spring, I heard about Superior Physical Medicine along with their stem cell treatment. I went to one of their seminars, then scheduled my one-on-one visit with Dr. Cunningham. We discussed the the treatments and I opted to do PRP injections. I had 3 injections with the last one being on December 10th. and the pain level in the beginning was around 8. After the last injection my pain level has decreased to a 2. I was now able to do shoulder exercises, lifting/rotating without any pain. I had an updated MRI done on 12/27/2018, which was about 2 weeks after the third injection. The MRI indicated that the superior labral tear has improved in appearance and currently there is no superior labral tear. I knew that the pain had significantly decreased, but it was nice seeing the results on paper from the report.
I do still have a little bit of information & bursitis, however hopefully in the next 3-4 weeks the injection will continue to heal that. I’m so thankful that I did not have surgery and chose to do PRP injections. I would not hesitate to do this again for any other injury that could be healed by PRP injections.

Teresa Carson

Dr Cunningham is an awesome doctor and he has a wonderful staff.

Anna Flores Perales

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