Stem Cell Frequently Asked Questions

It’s normal to have questions before starting a new treatment! At Superior Physical Medicine, we want you to feel confident that stem cell therapy is the right choice for you.

What type of stem cells are used?

At Superior Physical Medicine, we use umbilical stem cells. These are known to have the highest level of healthy stem cells to heal your body naturally!

What kind of injuries can stem cells heal?

Stem cells can heal a variety of injuries and conditions. Because stem cells are unspecialized, they have the potential to become anything your body needs. They can regenerate into cartilage, tissue, or even nerves depending on your particular needs. Stem cells work by attatching themselves to the inflammed areas in your body that need healing. They replicate the existing healthy cells you already have in these areas, producing functional, specialized cells.

Is stem cell harvesting harmful?

The harvesting of umbilical stem cells is not harmful! These cells are harvested with consent through a painless procedure after birth. Neither the mother nor the baby is harmed in the harvesting process!

How much does stem cell therapy cost?

One of the most common concerns about stem cell therapy is the cost. Most insurance plans do not cover stem cell therapy at this time, but it is still an affordable procedure. The cost of stem cell therapy is generally less than most copays for major surgery or treatment. Stem cell therapy is also a long-term solution, meaning there is no need for follow-up treatment or medication.

When will I see results from stem cell treatment?

Because your body needs to regenerate healthy cells after your injection, you shouldn’t expect to notice an immediate improvement. It takes, on average, between 4-6 weeks to feel a difference after stem cell therapy. While immediate improvements aren’t impossible, they aren’t common. Your body needs a chance to heal for good!

Am I a candidate for stem cell therapy?

The best way to determine if you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy is to learn more about the process. Schedule to attend one of our free educational seminars or watch our webinar to learn more about who stem cell therapy can help. In general, stem cell therapy is perfect for patients who don’t have completely degenerative conditions. Stem cells need healthy cells to attach to, so if you have no more healthy cells in the area then you are no longer a candidate. To learn if you’re a good fit for stem cell therapy, schedule today so that we can review your unique history.

Do stem cells need to be a DNA match?

The stem cells used in umbilical stem cell therapy are non specialized, young cells. This means that because the cells are young, they don’t need to match your unique DNA! You don’t need to worry about DNA, blood type, or receiving unhealthy cells since they are all verified healthy and free of any ailments. Because they’re non specialized, your immune system won’t recognize these cells as a threat, and they can help your body heal!