Regenerative Treatment in Austin, TX That Works

There are different types of treatment for nerve pain depending on the cause and the type of nerve involved, but with the right type of regenerative treatment, chronic nerve pain can be alleviated. At Superior Physical Medicine, we are a multi-specialty clinic that also offers regenerative treatment for nerve pain in Austin, TX and its nearby areas. Chronic nerve pain can be debilitating and limiting, but it doesn’t always mean that you have no choice but to live with pain for the rest of your life.

What is Regenerative Treatment?

This type of treatment aims to replace damaged tissue resulting from diseases, trauma, or even congenital issues. Instead of treating the symptoms, the regrowth of healthy cells is the ultimate goal. As a type of nerve pain treatment in Austin, TX, regenerative treatment proves effective in triggering the regeneration of nerve tissues, helping to reduce pain and restore proper function. At our clinic, we use PRP therapy (Platelet-Rich Plasma) which is a series of injections using a concentrated amount of the patient’s own blood cells.

How Does It Work?

Platelet-rich plasma contains two elements which are the plasma and the platelets. The plasma is the liquid part of the blood and the platelets are blood cells that are known for their important role in healing. Apart from their clotting abilities, platelets also contain growth factors that can encourage or stimulate tissue regeneration in the treated area.

Instead of relying on a cocktail of medications to relieve pain, PRP therapy aims to eliminate the source of your pain entirely by healing the damaged nerves. If you would like to know more about this type of treatment and whether you are eligible for regenerative treatment in Austin, TX, call us at Superior Physical Medicine. We are here to help you regain your best self.