Get Proper Treatment at Our Injury Rehabilitation Clinic in Round Rock, TX

Superior Physical Medicine is an injury rehabilitation clinic in Round Rock, TX that is fully dedicated to providing effective health solutions for your unique needs. From back pain and neck pain to knee and joint pain as well as regenerative treatment and medical weight loss, we help you regain your physical capabilities to help you return to your best self. Our doctors, nurse practitioners, and welcoming staff all endeavor to make our patients feel at home and provide the best treatment most suited for their situation.

We put our focus on providing life-changing treatments with successful outcomes. That is why we make it our goal to help reduce your pain while working to find the culprit and correct what’s causing your symptoms, ensuring that you stop living with pain. When you visit our injury treatment clinic in Round Rock, TX, rest assured that we will work with you to help ease and even eliminate chronic pain or address other health issues.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is composed of expert therapists, chiropractics, a medical doctor, and a physician’s assistant who all work together to provide the most suitable treatment for every patient. We examine and perform diagnostic testing if necessary to determine what is causing your health problems. Discover a life free of pain with professional treatment without the need for surgery or addictive medication. Achieve your optimal health and well-being through Superior Physical Medicine.

Personalized Care

We understand that every patient is different. Some may be dealing with chronic pain resulting from a sports injury. Some may have been the victims of vehicular accidents and are dealing with the physical aftermath of the event. There are many situations that require a unique approach. As such, we examine each patient thoroughly to determine the best course of action that will lead to the best and fastest results. We understand how debilitating pain can be and we are here to provide the right solutions.

For more information about our injury rehabilitation clinic in Round Rock, TX, call us at 512-255-8888 or email Take the first step in eliminating pain and get in touch with us today.